Navigation Menu Design

Link to finished HTML.

Alternative Navigation Bar: Simplified.

Original navigation menu can be viewed here.


3 responses to “Navigation Menu Design”

  1. Cansu Sayici says:

    – What was your thinking/approach in changing the existing menu? What were you hoping to do from a visual/interactive sense?

    I was hoping to make the navigation menu a bit more colorful in order to reflect the color palette of my college. Personally, I thought greyscale was too dominant on our school’s website so I thought a more vibrant nav. bar would liven it up. I applied text shadow to link hover because I thought it was a good way to highlight them. The first three list items are in different shades of gray due to the legibility issues on the gradient.

    – What was something you wanted to do but couldn’t? Whether it was because of time or css knowledge?

    I could have made a more minimalistic navigation menu. For some reason, I keep ornamenting my designs but in the end it turns out I don’t like them that much. I was working on a simpler alternative but ran out of time. The use of gradient required me to use different shades of gray for the list items, so maybe I could have avoided that bit. With more knowledge of CSS, I could definitely make a better looking navigation menu.

  2. Sarah says:

    – How does your classmate’s design improve or alter the original?
    The size and colors of the new nav bar are much more legible than what exists.
    – What more does it need (or need to be removed) to be more effective? You can describe this in English and/or in CSS speak?
    I agree with Cansu’s comments that a simple delivery with strong colors could deliver the same message.

  3. Franziska says:

    I like that you used the color of your college in your re-design to make it more colorful. It was a good idea to use different shades for the list items, but I personally still have hard times reading “Admission”, but having the color changed when hovering over helps the legibility. As you already mentioned, you could try to keep it simpler, maybe just be removing the red shadow of the bar in your design.

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