Lecture 1: History of the Web


In order to provide context to where we are now, I will present my work starting from 1995 until today.

  1. WWW began 1991. Not same as Internet
  2. Text-only browsers until Mosaic (1993)
  3. Web vs Internet vs AOL vs Prodigy
  4. Super-controlled image-based vs. semantic HTML
  5. Server-side image maps, CGI and gifs
  6. HTML 3 and tables and spacer gifs
  7. Frames and the CD-ROM affect
  8. Early Flash
  9. Early CSS. Separating style and content.
  10. Flash, actionscript and XML
  11. Google, importance of proper syntax and search
  12. “I need a website”: The 1-off portfolio era
  13. Enter Javascript
  14. Web 2.0/Web Apps
  15. Open-source CMSes
  16. Social and customizable
  17. JQuery and other Javascript libraries
  18. HTML5 and CSS3
  19. Mobile and iPad real factors
  20. WebType, Themes/CMSes (tumblr) that get adapted
  21. Responsive Design (design for all platforms)
  22. Plug-ins, sites as tools, libraries
  23. HTML Output: Locally Made, HTML patterns


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