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3 responses to “Navigation Menu”

  1. I feel this artists existing navigation menu is quite dry and not very interactive. It is lacking in the colour and quirky design that would complement her playful artwork, which I sought to apply to my re-design.
    I suppose I would have liked to apply white piping evenly between each menu item, as opposed to the full-line elements; I would try this if I had the CSS knowledge!

  2. Kelly Steben says:

    I think your redesign is a vast improvement in the aesthetics department. I also think that, as an artist, the body painter would want a more creative and colorful design. I enjoy how the roll-over dotted line interacts with the existing vertical dotted line. I question the type choice a little, since this one seems to reflect technology and/or computers to me, rather than the “handmade” quality of her craft. I think there is perhaps one too many decorative elements in the menu bar and would suggest removing the text-shadow for readability. All in all, I am much more drawn to exploring your version of the site than the original.

  3. Miyoung Lee says:

    I liked how you experimented with your typography especially the font you selected and all the variations you came up with by using one color. Your design is organized and more feminine than the original and yet modern because of the typeface. It’s very “Pretty in Pink.”

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