Navigation Menu Redesign

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3 responses to “Navigation Menu Redesign”

  1. Nate Newton says:

    What was your thinking/approach in changing the existing menu? What were you hoping to do from a visual/interactive sense?

    – I wanted the nav bar’s default active color and border-bottom to match the Windows 8 logo color.

    What was something you wanted to do but couldn’t? Whether it was because of time or css knowledge?

    – I wanted to change the default font to a web-font but wasn’t sure how to insert it.

  2. I do like the colour change. The decision to enlarge the menu and make it more prominent on the page also seems to be a good one.
    I suppose I would question – both in the original and in your re-design – the decision to keep a permanently-highlighted box (in your design, you’ve highlighted downloads). While I see how it might draw a visitor to explore the menu, one might wonder why “downloads” is emphasized over the other pages.
    Lovely, clean design overall, and I think your decisions are practical ones.

  3. Nate Newton says:


    The highlighted “Learn” link in both pages show the active/current page. The reason “Downloads” is highlighted in the redesign is because I was mousing over it when I took the screenshot.

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