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I wanted to redesign my original teacher website from Teacher Web to give it a more personal look and feel instead of just applying one of their templates. I wanted the design of my website to be playful, modern and informative. The goal is for students, parents and administrators to use the site as a resource to become more familiar with the middle school art curriculum and anything else related to art in and outside the classroom.


2 responses to “Teacher Website”

  1. Jerel Johnson says:

    Great work on this final project. The design is lively and engaging. I appreciate how you stuck with the HTML and CSS through all the ups and downs. I would encourage you to keep at it. Be relentless. But also remember to be patient as you proceed through the code. Take your time and do all the things you wanted to do with this project. Bravo!

    • Miyoung Lee says:

      Jerel, I want to thank you for your patience and generous nature. I could see how exhausted you were by the end of each day but you were always calm and had a great sense of humor:) I admired how much time you spent not only with me but with everyone in the class. I know how frustrating it can be when some or many of my students don’t understand a concept in the beginning, middle and even beyond . . . and I have to think of other ways to communicate, illustrate or model it for them until they get it. I may still not get it but thank you for trying!

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