Final Site!

Link to Final Project Site

This is an informational website for the small translation company called “Qanu.” The website is intended for potential and current clients, who can be either nonprofits or corporate companies. My aim was to convey fluidity and structure, create a usable site with all the necessary information, and to make the company seem somewhat concrete on screen, though “translation” itself is abstract in nature. I wanted the site to be simple and coherent.

I created two pages (click the flags!) to simplified French and Spanish pages. I also included a slideshow for the homepage. When I refine the project, I will focus on page layout, spacing, and typography. I’m also still working on ensuring that all goes smoothly between various browsers.


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  1. Jerel Johnson says:

    Good job digging into the HTML and CSS to bring your design to life. You’ve learned a lot about how to produce a website and are now well positioned to fine-tune the design details. Your comments in crit point to a solid design sensibility — trust this inner voice and go forth. Bravo!

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