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My final project was to create an up-to-date version of my company’s homepage. I recreated the homepage with the intention of making the page reactive to different widths, and to style the page with a much cleaner layout. For the layout of the site, I coded a grid layout that could be utilized on potential/future pages. I had some difficulties tackling media queries, which given more time following this class, I will research and play with more. By constraining the width on a desktop, you can see that the page adjusts and reorders elements by this adjustment. I have not fleshed out the way I want it to look exactly on a mobile device. The “Internal Ad”s and Second “Sports” icon are placeholders for assets.


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  1. Jerel Johnson says:

    Way to dive into responsive design. As you said in crit, you have some good flows that just need some final polish and some corrections to make with the media queries. But those are mostly all details. You came in with a good sense of what you needed to do and you’ve done it. Good work overall.

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