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For my final project I have redesigned the site for a group I am involved in at school, Project for the Homeless. The existing site feels static and outdated- so my primary objectives were to make it feel more interactive and alive, yet clean and organized. The big pieces that have to exist on this site are the volunteer calendar + sign-up form (though this page could perhaps use a little more layout help). I am pleased with the color + design decisions and how it comes together on the screen.

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2 responses to “Final Site”

  1. Jerel Johnson says:

    Wow. What an improvement from the existing site. You really put yourself to the task of realizing your design intent. Your line length is pretty wide in the single column text. You might want to consider bumping that size up even more. Overall, great work!

  2. Miyoung Lee says:


    You have such a lovely and natural design aesthetic besides a wonderful sensitivity to type with strong HTML/CSS skills. I really enjoyed being in the same group with you, Cansu and Angi; I was inspired by everyone’s work and I really appreciated everyone’s feedback to make my work stronger.

    I really liked your idea about using images that wouldn’t stereotype the homeless presented with facts. I thought maybe you could use images of a regular or nice house, plate of food, bed, etc . . . and overlap a transparent layer on top of it that would visually represent a percentage of people who don’t have a place to live or a warm meal to eat. For instance, one third of the image is hidden behind a transparent bar or is grayed and faded out while the rest of the image is clear or in color – you can then have the statistics in the grayed out area, and info on how to make a difference. The hope is to have the entire or most of the image clear and in color one day to show progress and improvement with the homeless plight.

    Your site is incredible and try not to have anymore “tumbles” at least for a while ΓΆ

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