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Food&Such is a website is designed to provide information, inspiration, and instruction for things of the culinary sort. I wanted it to be a simple, easy-to use website that both exposes my catering company, Flour Girl Catering, and offers recipes and other articles.


2 responses to “Food&Such”

  1. Jerel Johnson says:

    Your final project has great charm, personality, and life. Good work bringing your sensibility to the site. Though you outlined some technical difficulties, and a few items that remain to be cleaned up, the overall production quality is good. Nice work!

  2. Miyoung Lee says:

    I love your “Food & Such” logo with the Art Nouveau inspired typeface and it makes me think about the beautiful stained glass windows Tiffany created during that art period. If you want to maybe you can experiment with the look and feel of your site by researching some artwork from that time. Even though artists were inspired by nature, many Art Nouveau craftsmen, fine artists and architects (Louis Comfort Tiffany and Antoní Gaudi ) created designs that were decorative, handsome and bold; not too feminine which I know you don’t want to convey because your site is for anyone interested in food and. . . Watch out Martha Stewart!

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