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I wanted to create a site that I could continually adapt while I work on creating a more current portfolio.

I have included old images in the slideshows to serve as filler while I continue working on more recent works!

Overall I am happy with the basic layout, but I would like to experiment with creating a more interesting entrance page. For this I may rearrange the current “about” page to be the entrance page and have a link to something that tells the viewer to view more work. This would then lead them into the more basic layout with the index of different mediums.


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  1. Jerel Johnson says:

    You learned a lot about what you want in your portfolio site through making this project and along the way you picked up some good markup and css chops. You also gained a good sense of the development process and how all the pieces interact. You are well-poised to make the changes that you want to make on future versions of the site. Good work!

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