Final project

Link to my final project.

I created this website for the musical theatre club of our college. I am a part of this ensemble, so throughout the year I experienced the difficulties of trying to promote our club without a proper website or an identity. This site serves as the main platform the club can inform their fans or people who are interested in them about achievements, recent updates etc.

During the 2 weeks of web design course, I worked on Google Chrome when I was coding my website and assignments. I would suggest people to view this site on the Chrome browser for maximum resolution and functionality. There are still some problems regarding Safari and Firefox, but I’m hoping to fix them later on. Overall, I’m very happy with the layout and the interactivity of the website. Bugs are always there to be dealt with.

Hope you enjoy it!


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  1. Jerel Johnson says:

    Way to get in there and integrate the tumblr blog, music player as well as the slideshow. That’s a lot of work in addition to all of the design and other production efforts. You might want to consider left aligning the text of the tumblr posts given that your other pages content is also left aligned. People in the room are clearly excited by the work. Good job!

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