Lecture: CSS3


  • CSS continues to evolve but development and adoption of new standards is uneven. Essentially this is the plan per W3C (modules over monolithic spec).
  • Uneven evolution means vendor prefixes and a bit more homework surrounding support of new properties e.g. Can I use? as well as suggesting we adopt greater tolerance of differences between browsers.
  • Vendor prefixes (e.g. -moz- for Firefox, -webkit- for Safari and Chrome, -ms- for Internet Explorer, -o- for Opera allow us to use CSS3 properties as the standards evolve.
  • Just remember to also include, preferably end, with the W3C standard declaration (i.e. the non prefixed version of the declaration).
  • There is debate about this approach, but here we are. Some myths, busted.


All of the above in .zip archive



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