Lecture: Making it for Real

Here are some considerations when making an actual site.

  1. Start with HTML5 reset/John’s version.
  2. Additional HTML tags needed
  3. Folder hierarchy
  4. Use external stylesheets
  5. Search engine optimization. What you can control and what you can’t.
    • Descriptive title that changes on each page
    • Good semantic HTML markup. Text type (not images)
    • Images with alt text for Google Images
    • Meta data for description and keywords
    • Use a footer navigation at the bottom
    • Promote your site online, try to get permanent mentions
    • See who’s coming to your site with Google Analytics
  6. Check your work in other sites with Browsershots or VMWare PC emulation

Links to codebases

  1. HTML5 reset
  2. HTML5-reset_sigds


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