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å Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013


% Miyoung Lee completed

My main objective was to try the different tags that were modeled in class instead of improving on the original design which I prefer anyway. I tried to create some hierarchy with color, font, and size. Honestly, it has been a struggle remembering all of the different tags and keeping track of what they do. Hopefully it will become more natural and make more sense.





% Michael Reiss completed

Link to 3rd Assignment

Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 3.45.57 PM

I wanted to change the list at the top of the Apple page from a horizontal layout to a vertical one. I kept the color change when you scrolled over the buttons but changed it from just turning a darker shade of grey to turning a light blue.


After reading the comments I would change the font to Myriad to match the standard style of font Mac is using on this site. I also agreed with the comment of making the blue a little darker so it is not as drastic a change and allows the white of the text to show up clearer.

í Assignment 3: Redesign a navigational menu

Using the examples below as inspiration, redesign the navigation for an existing website. Consider pseudo classes, anchor states and the box properties. Make use of the Web Inspector to see what other sites are doing. Place your results in a new post on this site in category “Navigational Menu” along with a screen capture and URL of the website you are replacing.

Example of centering

Inline-block centering


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  1. a Pseudo Classes (:hover)
  2. Classes
  3. Display property: block, inline-block, inline, none
  4. Border instead of text-decoration
  5. Border-radius (browser prefixes)
  6. Text shadow
  7. Box-shadow




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