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å Monday, July 22nd, 2013

í Assignment 1: Markup a plain text file
July 22, 2013

Due by end of class

Create a new html document with TextWrangler. Save it in a folder on your computer as assignment1.html

Write the HTML for our syllabus. Remember, HTML is a descriptive process, where you describe parts of a document to the best of your ability.

Please FTP your finished html file to the /students/yourname/assignment1 directory and link to it from a post that you create here on the class site. Be sure to assign the category “HTML basics” to your post so it will show up alongside your classmates.

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  1. Browsers read HTML. HTML is structure.
  2. Collection of well-formed tags.
  3. Required elements: html, head, title, body
  4. Elements, attributes, nesting
  5. Block elements: headers, paragraphs, lists
  6. Inline elements: anchor, strong, em, cite, abbr
  7. Images

In-class Demo

Example marked up last year in class

HTML Basics links

HTML5 links

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