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5 Week 2

í Assignment 8: Post final project by 1pm today

We’re ending our two-week class today. FTP your final website to our FTP servers as you have done with previous assignments. Create a post and categorize it as “Final project”. The post should have a link to your website, a screen capture of your home page, and a paragraph or two describing the project.

The description should mention: who the website is for (audience), any technical or visual features that you don’t want us to miss (highlights), and if there are aspects you couldn’t get to or would like to after the course is over.

Be sure to fill out a course evaluation at the end of class.

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í Assignment 7: Prepare site for group Charrette at 3pm

Everyone should FTP their working files by 3pm and make a post with a link to their project for the whole class to see. Categorize the post as Final in progress. Be sure to name your folder something that will not be overwritten when you upload your final final on Friday.

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