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5 Day 5

í Assignment 6: Research and present to your group
July 26, 2013

Due by end of day

Commit to a topic or direction for a website project. In keeping with the presentations and discussion yesterday, begin this process by researching and sketching. Research may include any of the following:

  • Collecting and generating content
  • Understanding the context in which the site will exist: competitors, audience
  • Visual research: precedents for how the site might look and feel
  • Technical inspiration or tools that may make your sketches a reality

The form of your research will vary based on your project idea and your research methods. Consider a Pinterest site, a tumblr blog, a Google Doc with links, Evernote, Keynote presentation (or pdf), digital images, or a combination of these. Present your research to your working group at a meeting at the end of the day for feedback.

You may find sketching at this point helps, too, especially if you’re sketching as a research tool.

Some inspirational sites

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Y Group Meetings and Breakdowns

See our teacher notes in the comments

10:00 Group 1

– Portfolio multimedia — video, sound, imagery (lots of types)
– Portfolio for design website — video
– not_sure

10:30 Group 2

Kathy P.
– Portfolio for design/illustration
Sarah B.
– Artist website. Coding/Technical expedition research.
Sarah M.
– Portfolio site

11:00 Group 3

– Redesign of company website
– Medical Services website (2-D designs)
– Company website – but not there
– not_sure

11:30 Group 4

– Musical Theater club. Small group website.
– Small company website / about food /
– Teacher website
– Website for Staffs homeless shelters. Signup, calendar. Existing site.

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Y Schedule for Day 5

9am: Meet as a class

  • Recap Greg’s presentation & process

10am-12pm: Small group meetings with John/Jerel

  1. What do you want to make?
  2. Split up in to 4 Groups of 3/4 based on type of website
  3. Set up meetings with John/Jerel at 30 minute intervals starting at 10am. Put groupnames in comments below.

1pm—3pm: Individual meetings as needed

3pm: Present initial research to your small group

Weekend: Sketch, continue research

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