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% Miyoung Lee completed


link to final version of teacher website

I finally finished my teacher website but when I downloaded my files with the same folder name of “diamondlee” something weird happened. I thought everything would be replaced with the updated files but instead there was a strange combination of the old with the new. I had to delete the original version I used during the critique so you won’t see anything if you click on that link from the last day of class. C’est la vie, the updated version is more important anyway. Thank you everyone for your ideas on improving my design, and thank you John for sharing your brilliant knowledge on HTML/CSS with us.


% Miyoung Lee completed


link to teacher website

I wanted to redesign my original teacher website from Teacher Web to give it a more personal look and feel instead of just applying one of their templates. I wanted the design of my website to be playful, modern and informative. The goal is for students, parents and administrators to use the site as a resource to become more familiar with the middle school art curriculum and anything else related to art in and outside the classroom.


% Sarah completed


Link to website

I created this website for my portfolio. I wanted to start getting my work out on the web. Although I do not currently have a lot of work to show, I’m hoping my online portfolio will grow over time. I wanted the design to be simple and clean.


% Meaghan Elyse Lueck completed

PFH Screenshot


For my final project I have redesigned the site for a group I am involved in at school, Project for the Homeless. The existing site feels static and outdated- so my primary objectives were to make it feel more interactive and alive, yet clean and organized. The big pieces that have to exist on this site are the volunteer calendar + sign-up form (though this page could perhaps use a little more layout help). I am pleased with the color + design decisions and how it comes together on the screen.

Link to Final Site


% Kate completed

Link to Final Project Site

This is an informational website for the small translation company called “Qanu.” The website is intended for potential and current clients, who can be either nonprofits or corporate companies. My aim was to convey fluidity and structure, create a usable site with all the necessary information, and to make the company seem somewhat concrete on screen, though “translation” itself is abstract in nature. I wanted the site to be simple and coherent.

I created two pages (click the flags!) to simplified French and Spanish pages. I also included a slideshow for the homepage. When I refine the project, I will focus on page layout, spacing, and typography. I’m also still working on ensuring that all goes smoothly between various browsers.


% Franziska completed

link to final project

I created this website for my father’s company in Germany which is basically about advising other companies in Europe to optimize their financial processes. The website would serve as an informational site to learn about the company and the work. I worked on Safari and as you will see two subpages are not finished (content missing) which is to be added later on. As the company is part of the financial industry I wanted it to be pretty clean and simple. I created the pages in German and English to cover the European clients .


% Angele Williams completed

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 11.56.41 AM

Food&Such is a website is designed to provide information, inspiration, and instruction for things of the culinary sort. I wanted it to be a simple, easy-to use website that both exposes my catering company, Flour Girl Catering, and offers recipes and other articles.


% Nate completed

Reactive Site Link

Screenshot of Site at Full Width

My final project was to create an up-to-date version of my company’s homepage. I recreated the homepage with the intention of making the page reactive to different widths, and to style the page with a much cleaner layout. For the layout of the site, I coded a grid layout that could be utilized on potential/future pages. I had some difficulties tackling media queries, which given more time following this class, I will research and play with more. By constraining the width on a desktop, you can see that the page adjusts and reorders elements by this adjustment. I have not fleshed out the way I want it to look exactly on a mobile device. The “Internal Ad”s and Second “Sports” icon are placeholders for assets.


% Michael Reiss completed

Link to Final Project: Portfolio


Screen shot 2013-08-02 at 11.53.03 AM


I wanted to create a site that I could continually adapt while I work on creating a more current portfolio.

I have included old images in the slideshows to serve as filler while I continue working on more recent works!

Overall I am happy with the basic layout, but I would like to experiment with creating a more interesting entrance page. For this I may rearrange the current “about” page to be the entrance page and have a link to something that tells the viewer to view more work. This would then lead them into the more basic layout with the index of different mediums.


% Kathy completed

kathy's home page

Link to final project

My inspiration for my project was to create an online portfolio to showcase all of my design and illustration work.
My illustration style is on the whimsical side, so I wanted to show that style through bright, fun color.
I enjoy creating clean and simple design and tried to keep my layout on the clean static side to also compliment my design work.
My greatest accomplishment is the navigation through the various pages and the constant rhythm of the color and layout.


% Cansu Sayici completed

Link to my final project.

I created this website for the musical theatre club of our college. I am a part of this ensemble, so throughout the year I experienced the difficulties of trying to promote our club without a proper website or an identity. This site serves as the main platform the club can inform their fans or people who are interested in them about achievements, recent updates etc.

During the 2 weeks of web design course, I worked on Google Chrome when I was coding my website and assignments. I would suggest people to view this site on the Chrome browser for maximum resolution and functionality. There are still some problems regarding Safari and Firefox, but I’m hoping to fix them later on. Overall, I’m very happy with the layout and the interactivity of the website. Bugs are always there to be dealt with.

Hope you enjoy it!


% Sarah completed

I had designed a website for an artist in dreamweaver and I did not understand the code that was generated and how the structure of a website worked. Thanks John and Jerel for your extreme patience!

final project link


% Kelly Steben completed


Link to my website

So this is a portfolio site. I filled it with lots of temporary content (ie. art from a long time ago), as I am just beginning to build my graphic design portfolio. Ultimately, I only want to display the most polished, professional design work. I have been struggling with a bug in my Lightbox hack, which you may experience (images in slideshows being squished into the wrong dimensions). Overall, I’m pretty satisfied. Enjoy!


% Mark LaRiviere completed

A linka to my-a sit-a en progresso

My site represents my current less-than-complete-grasp of CSS and HTML. Clearly, I have a lot more to learn, but feel I’m on a good path to advancing my skill. I set out to create a design based on an inspiring site: zeel.com which was constructed using bootstrap 2.6 framework framework. In the process of planning my site, I dug deeply into the Zeel CSS and HTML and tried to understand how it was constructed. It was complex, but very clean, efficient, code. I studied how the custom CSS selectors were named and mixed with the bootstrap selectors to achieve some very cool results. In coding my site, I learned how to deduce and fix unintended results. Onward!