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Y Announcements

Y Important: Don’t edit admin posts in “Visual” mode

If you’re editing WordPress posts in “Visual” mode, and you edit one of the instructor’s posts, you’ll be removing snippits of code that pull in links. So, please either do not open these posts (you may view or preview them instead), or change your edit view to “Text” view. Thanks!

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Y Group Meetings and Breakdowns

See our teacher notes in the comments

10:00 Group 1

– Portfolio multimedia — video, sound, imagery (lots of types)
– Portfolio for design website — video
– not_sure

10:30 Group 2

Kathy P.
– Portfolio for design/illustration
Sarah B.
– Artist website. Coding/Technical expedition research.
Sarah M.
– Portfolio site

11:00 Group 3

– Redesign of company website
– Medical Services website (2-D designs)
– Company website – but not there
– not_sure

11:30 Group 4

– Musical Theater club. Small group website.
– Small company website / about food /
– Teacher website
– Website for Staffs homeless shelters. Signup, calendar. Existing site.

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Y Schedule for Day 5

9am: Meet as a class

  • Recap Greg’s presentation & process

10am-12pm: Small group meetings with John/Jerel

  1. What do you want to make?
  2. Split up in to 4 Groups of 3/4 based on type of website
  3. Set up meetings with John/Jerel at 30 minute intervals starting at 10am. Put groupnames in comments below.

1pm—3pm: Individual meetings as needed

3pm: Present initial research to your small group

Weekend: Sketch, continue research

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Y Dan Wood tonight at 6pm at the RISD Museum

Dan Wood is a letterpress printer based in Providence. He’ll be showing his work in the One Room Museum inside the Benefit Street entrance to the RISD Museum.

More on Dan at dwriletterpress.net

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Y Jen Robbins will join us for coffee on Monday!

JenJennifer Niederst Robbins has been a Web designer since 1993. She designed the web’s first commercial site, O’Reilly’s Global Network Navigator (GNN).[1]

Since 2000, Robbins has lived in Providence, Rhode Island, where she has worked as a freelance designer, teacher, lecturer and consultant through her company Littlechair, Inc. She has taught at Johnson & Wales University and at the Massachusetts College of Art.

See more about Jen at jenville.com

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Y Upload your checkerboard code to a new post in category “Checkerboards”

Then go to lunch, meet back at 1pm

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Y Review HTML basics

  1. CSS was part of the HTML4 specification (1999) and authored by the w3c
  2. Structure, structure, structure
  3. Model example from yesterday
  4. New York Times without stylesheets
  5. Look at “Welcome to Locally Made” coding
  6. Look at a few other websites via the HTML
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