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PFH Screenshot


For my final project I have redesigned the site for a group I am involved in at school, Project for the Homeless. The existing site feels static and outdated- so my primary objectives were to make it feel more interactive and alive, yet clean and organized. The big pieces that have to exist on this site are the volunteer calendar + sign-up form (though this page could perhaps use a little more layout help). I am pleased with the color + design decisions and how it comes together on the screen.

Link to Final Site


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Project for the Homeless Redesign

Existing site:


Should be- clear & informational. Include a calendar sign-up. Also need: nice photos (tricky because of subject matter); inspirational-quotes; lots of pictures of the group- students involved & what our meetings look like.

Inspiration for new site:



Simple: http://woaroof.tumblr.com/HBR

Layout and navigation:



Include a blog:



Include icons a links


Link to Pinterest Research