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í Assignment 6: Research and present to your group
July 26, 2013

Due by end of day

Y Group Meetings and Breakdowns

See our teacher notes in the comments

10:00 Group 1

– Portfolio multimedia — video, sound, imagery (lots of types)
– Portfolio for design website — video
– not_sure

10:30 Group 2

Kathy P.
– Portfolio for design/illustration
Sarah B.
– Artist website. Coding/Technical expedition research.
Sarah M.
– Portfolio site

11:00 Group 3

– Redesign of company website
– Medical Services website (2-D designs)
– Company website – but not there
– not_sure

11:30 Group 4

– Musical Theater club. Small group website.
– Small company website / about food /
– Teacher website
– Website for Staffs homeless shelters. Signup, calendar. Existing site.

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Y Schedule for Day 5

9am: Meet as a class

  • Recap Greg’s presentation & process

10am-12pm: Small group meetings with John/Jerel

  1. What do you want to make?
  2. Split up in to 4 Groups of 3/4 based on type of website
  3. Set up meetings with John/Jerel at 30 minute intervals starting at 10am. Put groupnames in comments below.

1pm—3pm: Individual meetings as needed

3pm: Present initial research to your small group

Weekend: Sketch, continue research

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B References

S Lecture: Process of making a site


  1. Jason Fried on sketching (until 10:51)
  2. Jen Robbins Big Web Show (37:00 into it 39:00 ends)
  3. Andy Clarke Big Web Show on what to present to client (28:28 in mp4 until 32:36; again 36:40 to 38:25)
  4. Richard Rutter of FontDeck and ClearLeft (22:30 into it to 24:50)
  5. Alexa Andrzejewski of Foodspotting on The Big Web Show. (16:30, 17:20 direct question
  6. John presents in-progress material and process

John’s take on it

3-page pdf


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  1. Jerel Johnson says:

    Some quick notes from our conversation (as I heard it) for “what is research?”:

    – Content (becoming a subject matter expert in the area you’ll be working)
    – Goals (Enthnographic research, talking with the client)
    – Competition (what’s out there, visual languages, brand positioning)
    – Researching Production techniques (how you’ll build the thing, new widgets, new techniques, specific interactions you may need to look into, etc)

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Y Dan Wood tonight at 6pm at the RISD Museum

Dan Wood is a letterpress printer based in Providence. He’ll be showing his work in the One Room Museum inside the Benefit Street entrance to the RISD Museum.

More on Dan at dwriletterpress.net

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Y Jen Robbins will join us for coffee on Monday!

JenJennifer Niederst Robbins has been a Web designer since 1993. She designed the web’s first commercial site, O’Reilly’s Global Network Navigator (GNN).[1]

Since 2000, Robbins has lived in Providence, Rhode Island, where she has worked as a freelance designer, teacher, lecturer and consultant through her company Littlechair, Inc. She has taught at Johnson & Wales University and at the Massachusetts College of Art.

See more about Jen at jenville.com

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í Assignment 5: Create a one page web poster

í Assignment 4: Make a Scandinavian flag with CSS


  1. Review Padding, Margin, Background, Border, Width, Height
  2. divs and spans to create non-semantic elements
  3. The natural flow of a page
  4. Floats and Clear
  5. Code an 8×8 black and red checkboard
  6. Absolute, Relative and Fixed Positioning (z-index)
  7. View source and Inspector

Floats and Class example from class


Positioning example

Positioning demo from class
Link here


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Y Upload your checkerboard code to a new post in category “Checkerboards”

Then go to lunch, meet back at 1pm

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í Review your classmates’ navigations

Send an email to wd13@johncaserta.info using the email address registered here in WordPress, and your email will appear on the site!

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í Assignment 3: Redesign a navigational menu


  1. a Pseudo Classes (:hover)
  2. Classes
  3. Display property: block, inline-block, inline, none
  4. Border instead of text-decoration
  5. Border-radius (browser prefixes)
  6. Text shadow
  7. Box-shadow




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